Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What happened and what didn't happen.

I've kinda skipped one week, but that's only because nothing remarkable has happened. Or at least - nothing, that I wanted to write about. Also, I was pretty lazy. Anyway. The weekend supposed to be exciting, but it wasn't. On Friday, we were at the opening of a new club, but that was kinda disappointing. I am not sure if we will visit it that often as we thought. Saturday offered us another disappointment - one of our recent favorite places was empty like never before! I mean - like really REALLY empty. It was even funny, but weird too. I assume that people are saving their cash for next weekend (Bear Pride 2014). We will be there too. I am already excited about it.
I will tell you more about it later, because I am dead tired right now. I had the (very) early shift at work, you know how it is...

Thursday, November 13, 2014

* * *

Nothing happened. The guy was nice, but there was no chemistry between us. Actually, he was really disappointed afterwards. We will see, who knows - maybe later we will give him another chance, but I would say - this time on a glass of wine and better place. Somewhere more cosy. Later, we drove very spontaneous to one of the places we're visiting lately. Not often, but sometimes. It is a beer bar with cruising area, but not nasty or something. It was quite empty and most of the guys were creepy and not very attractive. It was really funny how they were all trying to impress us. There was one interesting guy tho. And he was aching to be fucked! So we did it. We fucked the hell out of him! He was very well prepared and we were just fucking him harder and harder - first me, then my BF. Then it was my turn again. Several times, several positions. It was insane. Not to mention, what a wonderful cocksucker he was! We sure had some wild fun with this guy. So, I would say - the evening wasn't totally wasted, what do you think? :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ups & Downs

What a day! I am home earlier as I should be, but I am not very happy about this fact! I really like my job and my colleagues, but the management of the company sucks hard! Anyway, I have another reason to be happy today - let me explain: I got a small job in a photoshoot for an advertisement and the photos are already on the internet, yay! It is nothing special, but it makes me feel good! :)
Later, we (me & my BF) are going to meet a guy for coffee and small talk. It is kinda weird, because we chatted a little bit with him and he happened to be very strange and different from us, but that makes him also quite interesting. We are already curious about him. It is not clear what will this lead to, but it is possible to end in bed. In any case, I will let you know what happened. ;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Coffee, cake and more.

Weekend is over! I had Monday free from work, but kinda wasted my time doing nothing. I was even disappointed and angry about myself, because my plan was to do some stuff and not just sitting, but this won't turn the time back.
I had the late shift on Friday & Saturday, so the most interesting part of my weekend was on Sunday. We had a date with another couple for coffee and cake. They actually invited us at their place instead of going to a coffeehouse or something. It was not very clear what is going to happen, so I was kinda excited and nervous. My BF - not that much, I would say - not at all. Anyway, so we went there and the guys happened to be really friendly and also - very cute! The cake we brought was terrible, but no one could have expected this, because it looked so good. Well, there was something positive about that, too. It helped to break the ice with some good laughs. After a small talk, it was already obvious that the things are running in direction knowing each other a little bit closer... We moved to the bedroom... and the rest you can imagine.
I will not give you the details, except that we decided to meet again. Maybe I'll tell you then. ;)

xoxo, BearTalks

Friday, November 7, 2014

My new passion.

I have a new passion! It is related to music. Actually, it is not that new, but it's in different direction. Let me say it like that: this is just a part of my entire passion for music (as a hobby) and, finally, I've started to make it happen. It is not easy tho. Not to mention all the problems that I had on a software-level. Well, I am not a computer nerd, but I've kinda sorted it (somehow). Now it's coming the hardest part from all - learning how to use it. And as for the lazy person that I am - learning new stuff is really annoying. :D But you know what the say: no pain, no gain! :)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

* * *

What a surprise! Outside, the sun is shining! Also, today I'm off from work. I hope this day will not turn into another rainy disappointment. Weather broadcast says "No", I say: wish me luck! :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Guess who's back.

OMG, I can't believe how long I haven't wrote here, but I feel like it's time to come back! Actually, I've been thinking about it many times, but (every time) for some reason it didn't really happen. I don't know where to start tho. So many things has changed with my life! I will not start with it now. You will read about it with the time. Well, one thing is for sure - I am still together with my absolutely lovely BF! :)
I'm actually living in a different city now. You know what - it is not snowing that much here, ha-ha (some of you will know what I mean)! ;)
That's quite enough for now. I just wanted to remind you about my existence, but - be sure, there is more to come!

xoxo, BearTalks